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Koffee Haus Forum Rules
« on: December 06, 2017, 03:58:37 pm »
To be proactive, I am copying and adapting rules written by a friend of mine for another forum.

1) Do not hijack another person's thread - If you start posting off-topic bits on another person's thread your post will be deleted. There will be no warning.

2) No Flaming - Now I am not saying this forum has to be like the terrible fanfic community the Attic. For those of you who have been spared the indignity of the Attic, I think this explains it all:

Quote from: Sim Ding0

Short Version

It's a fanfic community.

Long Version

It's a fanfic community which shot to fame when David Gaider hosted something or other fairly trivial there, and in spite of half the membership leaving over a flamewar on a regular basis, it remains popular to this day for no apparent reason. Fanfic must consist of a minimum of 200 chapters, and criticism is limited to "More, please!" or a positive smiley of your choice--otherwise you run the risk of being bombarded with pages of information about the US constitution and free speech by one of their many experts in the field. (Under special circumstances, you may also be given a history lesson in which somebody explains how a revered member left forever during a previous flamewar on the same subject.)

Now, back to my thoughts on this. I have no problem with constructive criticism. There is nothing wrong with tactfully pointing out plot holes, typos, etc... in someone's writing. Just remember, not everyone may be as creative as you are, and what you may think is ZOMG TEH WURST EVAR!1!11!111!! might be weeks/months of hard work for them. When you write, you share visions from your soul.

Basically talk everyone like both of you are adults, and how you would want others to respond to you.

3) Keep it clean. This is an all ages website, so there is no need for sexual content of any kind, or similar things along those levels. Remember, if something is not allowed in chat per those rules, it is not allowed on the forum, which means you cannot use it in your role-plays or in your bio.

4) Authors, you are not allowed to start yelling at/flaming anyone who offers constructive criticism. While I expect people to use tact, I will not censor comments other then "more, please" or "best ever".

Basically all the rules can be summed up as "Courtesy Guidelines".

At the request of the author any thread may be locked after the original post. Any post following that post will be deleted (and further action may be taken at the discretion of the Administrators).

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