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Welcome to Gaming Nerds Я Us!

Started by Firebomb, Dec 22, 2023, 05:18 PM

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Gaming Nerds Я Us has been online in one form or another for a few decades, now. Sure, technical hurdles have taken the site down for a while here and there, but Gaming Nerds Я Us is back (yet) again! But what is Gaming Nerds Я Us, you ask? As the name might indicate, Gaming Nerds Я Us is a simple community for gamers and nerds to talk about various things they like.

While antisocial media wants to take the place of communities like Gaming Nerds Я Us, it would appear that the other shoe has dropped. As folks become less and less inclined to share their data with mercurial services that might delete their efforts on a whim, it behooves me to restore Gaming Nerds Я Us to a working state, as it has been wrecked since GoDaddy broke it last time around.

As the unexpected steward of Gaming Nerds Я Us, I'm still working out some of the kinks in this process, but it appears the forum is functional anew. So if you'd like somewhere to discuss things related to gaming, nerdery, or perhaps both, feel free to join us in our general celebration of... whatever it is that gets you going. And even better, there's no wall of ads here to get in your way!