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Welcome (back) to Gaming Nerds ᴙ Us!

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Welcome back to Gaming Nerds ᴙ Us!

Several years ago, someone sniped the site's domain name away from the Gaming Nerds ᴙ Us folks, ostensibly to use it as a part of some mad marketing scheme. As time has shown, this didn't really help them very much, since I managed to find it recently for the sale price of a song. And, as it turns out, they ultimately lost out in the end, because I can't sing.

As you know, the site has been floating here or there for a while, due to the fact that Host Gator is a bunch of incompetent nincompoops various reasons, but it's now taking its first steps back into functionality! Currently housed under the same plan that is using, GNᴙU's hosting is already paid up through the end of 2019, so it will be here a bit.

The actual structure of the forum is not yet set, as the Major will need to do that - it is his baby, after all. But feel free to join up in advance of that, if you like, and you'll be ready to join the conversation and gaming goodness once it is underway again. Thanks for those of you that have supported the site all these years, as well as all of our new (potential) friends!

Glad to see this back in some form.

Mm. I'm slowly, slowly getting it there.

I was originally going to wait for MTS to get back online and adjust everything to his liking, but I had the thought that maybe I should plunge into the depths of the Wayback Machine, and was able to find the categories, subcategories, and their assorted text from the previous forum, so I blooped those in here today. I found ONE sticky post, but the rest were unavailable (at least, in that particular crawl), so I may dig deeper as time permits. Or if the Man beats me to it, he will. Heh.

Just taking a peek, as requested from FB :D
Be well!

Hello, I never got to spend time on Gaming Nerds "R" Us so hopefully this time around will be different.  Out of curiosity, I assume this will be the home for the new site?  I notice MTS files are on another site?  Does MTS have any estimation of when he may return to active status?  I tried to catch him on FB but he seems to be on hard times right now so I decided not to pester him  :o  I was hoping to make creative contacts to work on MSH (FASERIP) projects I thought MTS may have input on or just to learn a few tips and tricks for myself...


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