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The Textbook Character Treatise is a collection of knowledge geared towards those who wish to play the role of an inherently superhuman character in the Universal Heroes system. Sure, wizards, psis, and electronicists are great fun, but in the end they are merely human. Those characters who are the subject of the TCT are essentially one with their powers, not having had to build, study, or awaken them, and are often much different than others with power - both within and without!

The types of characters covered by the TCT include the following:

* ALTERED HUMANS: these are formerly normal individuals who have been changed - whether by accident or by design. The impetus for this change can be virtually anything unusual in the environment, ranging from bizarre energies to complex chemicals - or even a mix of the two. Similarly, something 'strange' in the character's genetic makeup may simply respond unusually to otherwise normal stimuli. This stimuli, whatever it happens to be, is the cause of the character developing powers.

* ARISEN: freak occurrences and strange happenstances are the cause of a person gaining inherent powers on many occasions. But sometimes, these events don't just invest powers in someone - they cause an entire transnormal being to manifest from seeming nothingness! These rare and bizarre incidents will generate a super human, their costumes, and whatever 'stuff' they acquired during character generation. They have no memories prior to the moment they sprung into being, but can nonetheless function as created.

* COMPOSITES: a character of this type is one who is comprised of the parts of many different individuals. On occasion this will involve the pieces of various dead bodies being reassembled into what is at first glance a coherent body, thus making the composite a variant on the reanimate theme. In other circumstances, this might reflect a character drastically modified by the aciurgy power - whether or not they possess that power. The powers such an individual has is either due to the sum of their parts, or the process that made them what they are.

* DEGENERATES: an accident of conception can cause advances in evolution, with beneficial mutations moving the species forward. However, similar accidents can cause reversions in the genome, thrusting a given lifeform backwards down their path of evolution. Of course, this leaves the suddenly regressed creature with a lot of 'extra' genetic material - which often combines in a random fashion to generate ascendant abilities! While society may frown upon such individuals, scientists love to pick degenerates apart, for they represent humanity's recent past.

* DESCENDANTS: these are posthumans who inherited their transnormal abilities from either one or both of their parents. This can involve receiving smashed genes from one's parents or a like exposure to the same... whatever it was... that caused such abilities to form in their progenitor(s) in the first place. As such, the abilities of a descendant will usually be somewhat predictable, based on what others know about their parents. Though not technically mutants or altered humans, it takes a keen eye to tell the difference sometimes.

* MUTANTS: these individuals are ascendant beings who were literally born different than his or her parents... very different. When first conceived, a mutant acquires genetic information that was not donated by either parent, yet are completely viable organisms nonetheless. Some mutants simply possess extra digits or perhaps heterochromia, but others manifest truly fantastic, ascendant abilities instead! An offshoot of their parents' species by definition, mutants are a race unto themselves.

* REANIMATES: these revivified entities were normal human beings their entire lives - well, physically at any rate. However, they eventually died... and instead of the normal biological processes taking over at that point, they suddenly lurched back to life - with incredible powers, no less! Such an individual is not undead, but instead has inexplicably seen their spark of life reignited somehow. Reanimates are usually the result of a formerly normal character dying in a spectacular fashion, often involving freakish chemicals or exotic forms of energy.

Should any of these transnormal character types interest you, the TCT provides comprehensive rules to generate each, from start to finish. In addition to a unique modifier that comes with each type of textbook character, a staggering array of super human powers is available for the taking, along with specialized limitations that such beings can take to augment their power. Furthermore, notes are provided to help players navigate such beings through the world created by their Judge, though naturally some details depend on its history.

Head on over to Technohol 13 at your leisure, and you can read the entirety of the Textbook Character Treatise.
The Marvel Super Heroes Role Playing Game / Universal Heroes: the Core Rules
« Last post by Firebomb on May 01, 2018, 02:19:13 pm »
The scaffolding with which my Universal Heroes modification to the old system is based upon, the Core Rules covers everything that every player ought to know about the game. Whether a regular player or judging the game, no matter if you're role-playing a cyborg, a wizard, a deity, an alien, or even just a highly skilled and motivated human, there's a whole lot for you to chew on here. The Core Rules include the following:

* ESSENTIAL CAPABILITIES: the heart of any game, ability scores describe the most basic, essential capabilities of every character. They quantify things such as how strong or smart a character happens to be, and so on, and are metrics by which every character can be described on equal footing. No matter what powers or talents they may have, a character always has ability scores. Further reading:

* METRICS AND ACTIONS: Metrics and Actions: expanding on the basics, it is important to note just how a character's traits, not to mention their incredible super powers, measure up to others. This portion of the game's rules does just that, and then goes on to explain how players can use these metrics to accomplish just about any action they desire during play - regardless of how difficult that action may happen to be. Further reading:

SPACE AND MOVEMENT: movement is the most basic of actions, but how does one handle moving around? Getting from one place to another seems simple at first, but then you mix various super powers into the deal and it gets all wonky. Here's some basic notions on movement and movement difficulties, from movement powers to clutter and the various issues it may cause. Further reading:

TIME AND COMBAT: one of the most important aspects of any game is the time scale of the standard turn. This determines when everything can occur relative to everything else, in a solid and consistent manner. The turn structure manages everything from movement to character actions, and is the very core of how combat flows in every role playing game - not just those presented here! Further reading:

ADVANCED BATTLE CONCEPTS: while most conventional combat has been covered in great detail already, there are a lot of things that simply don't qualify as conventional when you get down to it. Super powers, specialized tactics, and even the weather can act to modify how ordinary combat plays out - and Advanced Battle Concepts will show you exactly how. Further reading:

LIVING AND DYING: a coda of sorts to the many and various combat rules described previously, Living and Dying is all about the consequences of battle. The loss of Health and the expenditure of experience (both in play and for advancement) is detailed here, as is a variety of optional uses for these vital metrics, if they are to be adopted for use in one's game. Further reading:

CHARACTER GENERATION: with a (hopefully) solid understanding of all else, what you need next is a character to play the game with! Character generation explains all the options available to a player, and if it doesn't shuffle him or her off to another, specialized page dedicated to one origin or another, it details how to build adventurers without ascendant powers. Further reading:

POWERS: here one can find a comprehensive roster of every power currently available in the game systems supported here. Whether they exist as a mutant ability, a magical spell, a psionic talent, or even some sort of deific legacy, all the ascendant abilities that heroes, villains, and everyone in between can use in the game are spelled out in great detail! Further reading:

POWER CUSTOMIZATION: while these games try to account for every possible ability a player may want to try out, the truth is that even one hundred game developers could never achieve this astounding feat. Thus, room is left for players to customize their ascendant abilities, either by limiting them for more power or by enhancing them for more versatility. Further reading:

QUIRKS: the quirks system is a tool with which a player may customize and individualize a character somewhat, adding minor beneficial traits or deleterious hindrances as they see fit. Quirks can be used solely for that purpose, or can be added to a character in order to either justify additional powers, talents or contacts - or perhaps the reverse, if the player desires. Further reading:

TALENTS: talents are representative of knowledge a character possesses. One does not need aberrant genes or alien ancestors or psi exposure in order to learn a talent - anyone can do so given the appropriate opportunity and time to study. There are many different kinds of talents, all of which have a practical benefit for every character - either in or out of combat. Further reading:

CONTACTS: contacts are people that a character knows well. A character's contacts are a good way to determine or expand on his or her origin, as they represent people that not are not only aware of them but are willing to help him or her as they go adventuring. Questions such as why the character knows these contacts and how their relationships work only help to develop their story more. Further reading:

That's a lot to process, to be sure, but hopefully there's something here (if not everything) that you can use to enhance your own Marvel Super Heroes Role-Playing Games!
General Gaming Nerds ᴙ Us Data / Re: Welcome (back) to Gaming Nerds ᴙ Us!
« Last post by Necromancer on January 14, 2018, 01:11:11 pm »
Hello, I never got to spend time on Gaming Nerds "R" Us so hopefully this time around will be different.  Out of curiosity, I assume this will be the home for the new site?  I notice MTS files are on another site?  Does MTS have any estimation of when he may return to active status?  I tried to catch him on FB but he seems to be on hard times right now so I decided not to pester him  :o  I was hoping to make creative contacts to work on MSH (FASERIP) projects I thought MTS may have input on or just to learn a few tips and tricks for myself...
General Gaming Nerds ᴙ Us Data / Re: Welcome (back) to Gaming Nerds ᴙ Us!
« Last post by rredmond on December 24, 2017, 02:05:48 pm »
Just taking a peek, as requested from FB :D
Be well!
Starting back in 1985, me and several friends regularly met weekly (at the minimum) to play the original, basic Marvel Super Heroes Role Playing Game (MSH RPG). We were quite young, and we were rather dim compared to our modern selves. However, we were big comic book fans, so it was a hoot to engage in various adventures in the world of our favorite heroes.

Soon enough, the advanced version of the game came out, and we adopted its use in our regular play sessions. The more we used it, and the more we played other games in addition to the MSH RPG, I increasingly began to find bits and pieces of the rules I thought could use some tweaking. And, at the same time, I found there were more than a few things I'd like to add to the game.

So I began making them.

The material I churned out in the late 80s and early 90s was pretty unpolished, truth be told, but then again I was writing it all out on paper as I progressed. The modern age of computers has greatly helped to facilitate my creative efforts in this regard, even if of late I don't actually have a group with which to engage in gaming these days. Alas.

While the vast majority of what I originally built to accentuate the original rules was in regards to character generation, there are other things I wanted to tweak. And, as time went on, I developed the urge to produce material that wasn't weighed down by the many and various copyrights of others - in other words, truly original material.

And thus, the Universal Heroes system was born.

Ostensibly the same as the MSH RPG, my Universal Heroes rules all feature completely new text, with no copyrighted characters or art that certain corporations could use to Cease and Desist me off of the Internet. Furthermore, the vast majority of my work is still compatible with the original system's rules, in case you don't like all of my modifications.

Thus, one could plug bits and pieces of my original works into their own MSH RPG game if they like, or they could go all in and cut loose with a Universal Heroes game. Either way, I'll be using this specific thread to talk about my original rules material, if only to keep it all in one place and to prevent forum bloat. I wouldn't want to drown everyone else out, after all.

Even if the place is still filling back in.

If you're at all interested, you can find my Universal Heroes materials here:
Originally by MTS, on July 21, 2010, 05:47:27 AM

Gaming Nerds Я Us started off as an adult MSN community roughly about nine years ago. Saber Jade Wylde, and I started it with Arios and his wife Heather. Eventually MSN changed communities to groups, and eventually they shipped off adult groups to World Groups. I attempted to transfer it there, but I can no longer access my sign in there, and I find the overall layout of the site to not be to my liking.

During the first year, we added a Yahoo Group as a "sister site" for the original (mostly because MSN's maximum file size allotment was rather small). At some point (I am not sure when), it was cloned to Grouply. I was able to import my MSN account there, but I feel about the same way about Grouply as I do about World Groups.

As much as I appreciate Yahoo Groups remaining open to this day, I find their forum to be lacking, and there are far too few customization options to improve them overall.

I finally decided to start a "proper" website, and stumbled across SixServe which [I thought was] an excellent webhost [at the time]. They offer unlimited hosting for free, if you do not mind putting up with a few ads. I don't like ads (which is why I use Firefox), and I didn't want any of our visitors to have to suffer though them either. I payed the one time free to make this website ad free permanently, and unless they change how they work, I promise this website will always remain ad free.

Originally I had planned to make the website pure .html, but I decided on a forum and a portal because I enjoy them more, and find them much easier to maintain.

The first incarnation of this website was though phpbb3. With the mods I wanted (only about half of them worked) it was buggy to say the least. I switched to SMF for the current incarnation of the site, and I find it to be much more stable and easier to mod and tweak to my needs.

Sixserve, while it was great for the money, tended to lag, and hang for many users (I had been told). The other problem I had was ownership switched hands, and lots of upgrades were being done, which completely hosed the LotGD client (even the private one  was testing in beta) beyond repair. The only option I had was to rebuild from scratch, but with the control panel being offline for a day or two at a time (often), and more upgrades planned for the future, I knew it was long past time to pack up and move again. Pf course, there were other issues as well:

Currently there are no "hard" rules for the forum other then keep your posts mostly appropriate - the exceptions being the writer's forums. The same applies to avatars. While it really does not bother me either way, SixServe's Terms of Service are concise and clear:

Now that we have left Sixserve behind, the only hard and fast rule is no hard core pornography. I don't want to have to draft rules, so please do not make me.

I think what ticked me off the most about Sixserve was when they "accidentally" deleted the old website (yes I was a paid Premium member) and this was all they had to say about it:

"We have determined it was an error from the system. We are giving you a new account and you will receive a conformational email with the details. ...We are sorry for the inconvenience."

That took them a week to come up with, and that was on their "Priority Support" for paid members. No offer was made to even try to restore my lost data. SixServe can go fuck themselves. I strongly recommend finding anyone else to host you if you want to build your own website.

So I looked into web hosting I could afford, and moved to iPanel, and now Gaming Nerds Я Us has a proper .com name! Some issues happened with the domain name (due to being given incorrect information by a member of their staff - they made it up by buying me a year of with my domain name), and Gaming Nerds Я Us dot com lost the .com. It migrated to a .co.

While I was between jobs, the site came up for renewal. I was forced to ask for donations to the fans who raised significant money for the website, but not enough for annual iPage hosting. I started looking into other sites, and Host Gator offered me a better deal, and they offer month to month hosting in addition to better prices. Also, they use cPanel which is the best website control panel in the world!


If you are looking for a host, we are willing to host your work. You can either start a thread in the netbooks section or shoot me a PM. It will go though a quick staff review and we will let you know. If you would like to have your own subforum, we will consider that request as well.

For works in progress, just shoot us a sample (if available) and we will even provide a private subforum so you and your staff (should you have one) can work together.

Happy Gaming!

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General Gaming Nerds ᴙ Us Data / Re: Welcome (back) to Gaming Nerds ᴙ Us!
« Last post by Firebomb on December 06, 2017, 04:13:29 pm »
Mm. I'm slowly, slowly getting it there.

I was originally going to wait for MTS to get back online and adjust everything to his liking, but I had the thought that maybe I should plunge into the depths of the Wayback Machine, and was able to find the categories, subcategories, and their assorted text from the previous forum, so I blooped those in here today. I found ONE sticky post, but the rest were unavailable (at least, in that particular crawl), so I may dig deeper as time permits. Or if the Man beats me to it, he will. Heh.
General Gaming Nerds ᴙ Us Data / Re: Welcome (back) to Gaming Nerds ᴙ Us!
« Last post by kingcrowley on November 29, 2017, 09:04:19 pm »
Glad to see this back in some form.
General Gaming Nerds ᴙ Us Data / Welcome (back) to Gaming Nerds ᴙ Us!
« Last post by Firebomb on November 26, 2017, 03:15:24 pm »
Welcome back to Gaming Nerds ᴙ Us!

Several years ago, someone sniped the site's domain name away from the Gaming Nerds ᴙ Us folks, ostensibly to use it as a part of some mad marketing scheme. As time has shown, this didn't really help them very much, since I managed to find it recently for the sale price of a song. And, as it turns out, they ultimately lost out in the end, because I can't sing.

As you know, the site has been floating here or there for a while, due to the fact that Host Gator is a bunch of incompetent nincompoops various reasons, but it's now taking its first steps back into functionality! Currently housed under the same plan that is using, GNᴙU's hosting is already paid up through the end of 2019, so it will be here a bit.

The actual structure of the forum is not yet set, as the Major will need to do that - it is his baby, after all. But feel free to join up in advance of that, if you like, and you'll be ready to join the conversation and gaming goodness once it is underway again. Thanks for those of you that have supported the site all these years, as well as all of our new (potential) friends!
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