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Title: Universal Heroes: A Customized Marvel Super Heroes Role Playing Game (MSH RPG)
Post by: Firebomb on December 16, 2017, 12:31:32 pm
Starting back in 1985, me and several friends regularly met weekly (at the minimum) to play the original, basic Marvel Super Heroes Role Playing Game (MSH RPG). We were quite young, and we were rather dim compared to our modern selves, but we were big comic book fans, so it was a hoot to adventure in the world of our favorite heroes.

Soon enough, the advanced version of the game came out, and we adopted its use in our regular play sessions. The more we used it, and the more we played other games in addition to the MSH RPG, I increasingly began to find bits and pieces of the rules I thought could use some tweaking. And, at the same time, I found there were more than a few things I'd like to add to the game.

So I began making them.

The material I churned out in the late 80s and early 90s was pretty unpolished, truth be told, but then again I was writing it all out on paper as I progressed. The modern age of computers has greatly helped to facilitate my creative efforts in this regard, even if of late I don't actually have a group with which to engage in gaming these days. Alas.

While the vast majority of what I originally built to accentuate the original rules was in regards to character generation, there are other things I wanted to tweak. And, as time went on, I developed the urge to produce material that wasn't weighed down by the many and various copyrights of others - in other words, truly original material.

And thus, the Universal Heroes system was born.

Ostensibly the same as the MSH RPG, my Universal Heroes rules all feature completely new text, with no copyrighted characters or art that certain corporations could use to Cease and Desist me off of the Internet. Furthermore, the vast majority of my work is still compatible with the original system's rules, in case you don't like all of my modifications.

Thus, one could plug bits and pieces of my original works into their own MSH RPG game if they like, or they could go all in and cut loose with a Universal Heroes game. Either way, I'll be using this specific thread to talk about my original rules material, if only to keep it all in one place and to prevent forum bloat. I wouldn't want to drown everyone else out, after all.

Even if the place is still filling back in.

If you're at all interested, you can find my Universal Heroes materials here: