Gaming Nerds ᴙ Us ®

Monday, August 8, 2022

Several years ago, someone sniped this domain name away from the Gaming Nerds ᴙ Us folks, ostensibly to use it for some sort of mad marketing scheme. Well, as time has shown, this didn't really help them very much, as I managed to find it recently for the sale price of a song. And as it so happens, they ultimately lost out in the end, because I can't sing.

While the dust settles on the Gaming Nerds' most recent moves, no thanks in part to the staggering boobery that is the Host Gator web hosting disservice, I've gone ahead and parked this domain here, on my sleek, sexy GoDaddy hosting plan. Also, I am trying to mirror some of the Nerds' products here, so that all y'all can get your hands on them a little easier!

Original Works

Marvel Super Heroes Role Playing Game (MSH RPG)

The Ultimate Origins Book, Version 2

The Ultimate Origins Book, volume 3: Golden Age and More

The Ultimate Origins Book, supplement 1: DC Origins

The Ultimate Origins Book Supplement 2: Wildstorm Origins

The Ultimate Talents Book, version 3.1

Compilations of Others' Works

Marvel Super Heroes Role Playing Game (MSH RPG)

The Almost Complete Polyhedron Newszine Collection